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Piermont is a small village with a rich history. The Piermont Historical Society came together unofficially in 2004 with the goal of preserving the village's old railroad station on Ash Street. The group's original name was the Piermont Railroad Restoration Committee.

The Train Station, built in 1873, was starting to deteriorate badly. The group met to talk strategy, and eventually restored the building with the help of grants and donations. It cost $139,000 to rehabilitate. The renovations were carried out with historical accuracy even though most of the original plans were missing. Old postcards were used to ensure the original decor and character remained.

Now, the station is the only one in Rockland County from that era and is on the National Historic Register. Today the station serves as a tribute to Piermont’s history. Some of our exhibits include:

Our effort to keep the Museum alive depends on donations and volunteers from our friends and members.

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Mission Statement

The Mission of the Piermont Historical Society is to preserve and protect the integrity of Piermont’s architecture, history and cultural heritage, and to celebrate the history of Piermont. The vision of the Society is to make the history of Piermont a common narrative in the village and beyond.


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