General George Washington Meets Sir Guy Carleton re-enactment - Piermont Pier

Colonial Period

General George Washington Meets Sir Guy Carleton, Head of the British Army

May 3, 2008:
A re-enactment was held in Piermont commemorating the 225th anniversary meeting between General George Washington and British General, Sir Guy Carleton. The reenactors kicked off the commemoration at the Piermont Pier where the ship Clearwater portrayed the Perseverance and Washington, Carleton and British and American troops gathered.

 May 4, 1783:
General George Washington and Governor George Clinton landed at the Onderdonk House on their way to meet Sir Guy Carleton, Commander-in-Chief of the British Army in North America.

  May 6, 1783:
General Washington met General Carleton's ship, the Perseverance. The two went by carriage to the DeWint House in Tappan. In advance of signing the Treaty of Paris in September 1783, the generals ironed out the terms for the British evacuation from New York, the return of British prisoners, and the disposition of American property, including slaves. The treaty formally recognized the sovereignty of the United States.

  May 7, 1783:
Following their meeting at the DeWint House, General Carleton entertained the American party on board the HMS Perseverance. Upon boarding and leaving the vessel, the British honored Washington with a 17-gun naval-salute thereby recognizing the sovereignty of the United States of America.

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