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Piermont's incredible history spans three centuries of captivating events and our new TravelStorysGPS brings our rich history to life! Now you can turn your cell phone into your personal tour guide by downloading the TravelStorys app. Audio stories about locatiions and events will play automatically on your phone as you approach the sites.

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Tale of Two Railroads

The Erie Railroad played a vital role in Piermont's history. The Northern Railroad traces its roots to our village and train station.

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The Flywheel

Too tough for the wrecking ball, the Flywheel remains as a symbol of Piermont's industrial past and a focal point of the present.

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The Pier

From the "Last Stop" of World War II soldiers to the Watchfires of Vietnam Vets, the Pier has played a vital role for those who served.

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Colonial Period

The Start of a Nation

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Who says history has to be experienced from a book? Take our sensational Walking Tour through Piermont and get a first-hand look at fascinating facts about our village. Exercise your body and your mind at the same time.

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Do you have a story about Piermont? Or do you know someone who lived here and has a great story about the village that they'd like to share? We'd love to hear from you. It's easy and it could help hundreds of people learn more about our history.

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The Mission of the Piermont Historical Society is to preserve and protect the integrity of Piermont’s architecture, history and cultural heritage, and to celebrate the history of Piermont. The vision of the Society is to make the history of Piermont a common narrative in the village and beyond.


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